Starting LPN Clinicals Next Week

  1. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea as to how clinicals work for lpn students. I am a lpn student just starting the second semester and will have clinicals one day week in LTC. I have absolutely no prior experience as a CNA/STNA. What kind of things would I be doing/learning? I am a little nervous as all this is a 1st for me. Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   BWSPN
    I am a current lpn student. When we started clinicals we started out with things like showers, morning cares. Nothing to involved. Being a CNA for too long it was very easy, we had one person to take care of. Just relax your not going to be doing anything to this person that they don't have done on a regular basis. Most people enjoy having a student because they get 1:1. I don't know if you get partnered up with a fellow student or not but if you do try to get someone with some CNA experience. They can guide you and answer questions for you. Don't worry you will be just fine! I am in Ohio too...What school are you attending?
  4. by   nurseangel47
    You'll have a blast! I've worked LTC for quite a while. An RN here. I remember that I worried for nothing so many nights in a prejittery state over clinicals the next morning. Mostly for nothing! Enjoy yourself and those geriatric wonders. They are full and bursting to tell you of their life's experiences. They are full of wisdom, marvel at life from their different generation. Precious "big" children, if you will. (Not demeaning term, endearing one...I LOVE geriatric pts...they present a lot of life's lessons, if you're willing to just take time and let them tell it...!) Good luck and try to relax. Nothing to it.
  5. by   tinktink4
    How did u make out on your 1st clinicals? I start my clinical 1 tonight and am very nervous. I don't feel i know enough to be with patients yet.
  6. by   tinktink4
    Thankyou for your help i did take a deep breath and loved it. I found nursing is def for me after clinicals. I moved on made it to pharm and failed im curently trying to get my school to get my transcrips so i can take test to get certs for cna. I think if i take some time as a cna it will be easier to go throught the lpn program.
  7. by   TaylorDeeLPN
    Thanks For This.