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SO excited!

  1. 0 Acceptance letters were mailed out yesterday for my school and I was lucky enough to receive one! I will be starting my 2 year ADN program in August! Just wanted to come share and jump right in with everyone!

    I'm Marie, I'm a mom of three kiddos (SAHM) and married to my hubby for almost 7 years. I am SO scared about the next two years but so ready for it as well.

    Nice to meet everyone!
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    Congratulations! I'm still waiting for a letter. I hope it comes soon!
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    Congratulations! I got my acceptance letter to the BSN program about 2 weeks ago. I'm so excited too! As well as being a little bit nervous and scared of what's to come, but mostly excited

    I'm a mother of 2 and have been married to my hubby for 10 years.
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    Congratulations!! I got my acceptance letter a couple weeks ago and will be starting in my ADN program in August, as well...I agree, it is very exciting!!!