Should I take a semester off from the nursing program?

  1. 0 I am actually making sure I "look before I leap." I know myself well enough to be secure that I will continue studying with what I left off before I took the semester off. So the fear that I might miss out on anything is taken care of. What I really want to know though that will taking a semester off ruin my chances of applying for nursing internships/externships? Especially in the NYS? I just want to know. Also, I will be going part time when I come back from the semester break. Will that also ruin my chances of being accepted in internships? I really want to give it a try.
    Reason for the semester off? well there are two:
    1. I am not doing well physically, so I was thinking of taking a semester off to work on my health and just put things together. I want to come back as healthy as possible with no more excuses of not being able to go to school because of going to the clinic often.
    2. A lot of internships/externships require you to still be "in between" semesters. So I thought maybe part time isn't a bad thing at all especially since I will be in my last semester after this spring.
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