Should I continue on with school after I get my BSN?

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    Iíve been considering lately about after I get my BSN degree going a few more years to become a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). I looked up schools and the only ones around me are in Illinois and Michigan. They both have really good programs but itís hard to really set my mind on anything when Iíll just be starting my clinicals in January. Life happens and my fiancť will graduate in May (he also is going to be a nurse) and Iím afraid if I stop going to school after I complete my program I wonít ever go back.

    Any thoughts or comments? Iíd really appreciate them. Iím leaning more toward Rush University in Chicago if anyone has ever heard of it. Itís only two more years after my BSN but it just seems like a long way away and is really hard to make a decision.

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