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Should I apply this Fall 2013 or Fall 2014?

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    I attend a CC and have 10 more classes to take to complete all my prerequisites for most csu nursing programs, 11 if I want to earn an AA before I transfer. I will have a GPA of 3.8314 by the time this fall starts. Should I take A&P 1 with Micro this fall leaving A&P 2 for Spring and apply to the CSU's this October. Or should I spread them out between 3 semesters, i.e Fall 2013: A&P 1, Spring 2014: A&P 2, Fall 2014: Micro (apply during this semester).

    Chico is one of my prospective schools but I'm willing to sacrifice it, being they want all science prerequisites completed by registration.
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    I wouldn't recommend taking sciences together. My school won't even allow us to. Can you take one in the summer?
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    If you think you are able to take two science classes together in the same semester, do it. I took physiology and micro together in the same semester. Passed both classes with a B. It is hard work. If you are going to, You would need to be able to have good time management.
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    I have taken two sciences in the same semester, and I didn't think it was too difficult. I think you would be okay taking A&P and micro in the same semester.