semester 1- fundamentals of Nursing (potter-perry)

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    Hi. I was just wondering how, if any of you had this course and the book, how did you read and/or study it?

    How do professors usually test, from your own experience?

    the book just seems like alot of information, definitions, etc., being that it is teaching the "fundamentals of nursing".

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    We used that book in my fund class. I personally liked that text. I would read through the chapters that we were discussing in class, taking notes on anything that looked important. I would end up having an overview of the material, enough to get B's on the exam (after I started using this method).
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    I would suggest checking to see what Med-Surg book you will be using. In my opinion the Potter and Petty book is not well written and even outright confusing at times. I strongly dislike that text. My school uses the "test banks" provided the textbook writers. This makes life extremely difficult for the student since the test is not necessarily out of lecture and ANYTHING in the book is free game, whether they talked about it or not. The questions are at times so off the wall it doesn't matter if you rewrote the book, you will still get them wrong. I am a 4.0 student even through nursing school and this book made my life very difficult. Our med surg book goes over the same information in a much more readable (and brief) format and has helped me greatly with the fundamentals class.
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    We are using it this semester and it's Ok but not great. What I do is skim over the chapter before class and then type out an outline after we have our lecture based on the professors outline.

    My professor doesn't take his questions from the book verbatim. Having the outline helps me a lot because I condense a 70 page chapter into 10 or 15 typed pages of notes. I also use my ATI materials to get a basic understanding of PP.
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    We used that book and I have to say I didn't love kind of drove me nuts as it seemed to be rather repetitious at times...I will say that I did spend a lot of time reading it as our instructors did almost directly use a lot of material out of the book, particularly charts and tables, although they usually pointed out the ones that were valuable to study....

    I also prefer our med-surg book this semester for reading and studying, but it wasn't an option that first semester except for reference for clinicals....testing was done via Potter/Perry.....

    Just do the best you least read through the chapters, then spend a LOT more time reading/understanding anything that was emphasized in class!!
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    Best sleeping medicine there is, lol. Study it? Hmmm, now there's an idea...
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    OMG. They still use Potter and Perry? I loved that textbook.
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    We use the Pand P and I love it...between that and my lewis pretty much all that we have really dug into. I use the Potter as a reference to clarify what the lecturer had given us so as to better understand the Pathophys.
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    We used P&P 6th edition but they have since switched to a different text. The book was loaded with mistakes and contradicting information that made it difficult to test from. The instructors got sick of sending in lists of things that needed correction.

    We had one instructor in particular that disliked it so much that she used her own. Which meant half the test was stuff we hadn't covered but was in her text book. Mind you she refused to tell us which book she was using :trout:.
    There is no fun in Fundamentals
    I did go online and purchase the study guide for the text and thought it was very helpful.
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    I didn't like P&P. It's been awhile but the word 'redundancy' comes to mind. Most nursing tests were miserable. Not necessarily because the difficulty of the material but because of poorly written test questions. Ask second year students if they can make any recommendations.
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