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Hi. I was just wondering how, if any of you had this course and the book, how did you read and/or study it? How do professors usually test, from your own experience? the book just seems like... Read More

  1. by   Spill
    We use P & P. I like it ok, I have nothing to really compare it to.

    The hospital that we are doing clinicals at have a P & P book at the nurses station to use as a reference. They use a lot of the same guidelines that are stated in P & P. It's a great hospital that just recieved Magnet status, so they are a really great teaching hospital.
  2. by   MGE658
    We had that book and it wasn't one of my favorites. The study guide really helped me put all the knowledge together. What i found helped me study was to take notes in class, then go home and type up my own notes by combining what was said in lecture and by pulling stuff out of the textbook. it kept my notes organized and really helped my grades.
  3. by   RN BSN 2009
    I liked the P&P book ok... but the one thing that erk'ed me was that there was a lot of information that was repeated over and over again, or was like... common sense things... however I did like how it thoroughly went through procedures, NG tube, Foley cath.. etc.. and It helped me when they had sample care plans in the text.
  4. by   amyk_ncsu
    We used the P&P book and a few others for fundamentals (finish on Monday!!!!). Our tests came from the lecture notes instead of from the book, and our teachers make the tests themselves (I think), so I didn't spend much time thoroughly reading it. It was a good reference for pictures and explanations when I didn't understand something right away from the lecture.
  5. by   kenpochic
    i wanna burn that book its repeats itself a million times not to mention sometimes it goes into depth about stuff that as long as u arent a retard its common sense. as far as hints for studying u have to see how ur teacher tests. all i can say is understand the concepts of what u learn. memorizing doesnt work. be able to prioritize things. take notes in class and than read those sections of the book. thats what i do. my teacher tells us to read to the objectives in our modules and than she lectures from that. gotta see what works for u. number one rule dont memorize things try to apply concepts and ideas to real life nursing situations as u read.
  6. by   ImThatGuy
    Quote from 2bnurse_it
    Hi. I was just wondering how, if any of you had this course and the book, how did you read and/or study it?

    How do professors usually test, from your own experience?

    the book just seems like alot of information, definitions, etc., being that it is teaching the "fundamentals of nursing".
    We used this book. It seemed like Amazon had bad reviews on it, and I do too. It's got quite a few errors in it. I think the edition before that had them as well. All said, I don't think the book is worth anything. You think it has a large volume of information, but I don't. I think very little is provided since it is an introductory book, but the author is entirely too verbose.

    I'm not a big studier, and I never have been. I still do well in school though, be it way back in H.S., my first degree, or now. For this particular class I read the chapters, but not all of them. I read the nursing process (ADPIE) chapters since that was all new to me, and it was earlier in the semester all covered on one test so I wanted to be ready for their testing methods. I also read the skin, sleep, poop, pee, oxygenation, and fluids chapters. The rest I skimmed and compared the power points since they tend to only test over what they plastered on a power point.

    A lot of the information gathered from the book for my tests could be found in the boxes and tables in the book. Honestly, I didn't read half of it. The mobility chapter is particularly mind-numbing.

    I'm sorry I couldn't be more positive.

    I wanted to come back and add that this isn't a book worth saving and referencing in the future. Sell that sucker back when you're done with it.
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  7. by   kgh31386
    I really highly recommend against that. Both you and "***" have posted nothing but posts related to cheating, one of you asking for test banks from everyone and the other offering it to people..seriously? Because not only is that cheating on so many levels...but teachers are aware that if 1 person can get it, anyone can. This being said, they usually tweak questions just a little bit. I know a few people who got test banks from sources and failed both or all classes that semester(failing out of the program). The teacher may use test bank questions for regular tests, then use all new questions on the final...which will get you BIG time. One girl thought she had it made and was passing the whole semester, then ran into the finals...walked out crying and was gone!
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  8. by   kgh31386
    [quote=hiii does any one has a test bank for perry potter ?[/quote]

    And like I'm about to say in response to your other posts...with all the effort you put in to finding the test bank(which you won't because these book editors are smart and keep them from the public), do some real work and study? And even IF you somehow manage to graduate by means of cheating(which are slim to none because you'll probably be kicked out along the way), you can't cheat on the NCLEX...and if SOMEHOW you pass(which won't be likely at all since you know nothing from school since you cheated), you can't cheat your way through a job and will end up having something really bad happen(killing patient, losing a license from not knowing your left from right, termination from lack of nursing knowledge, your pick) just suck it up and study.
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  9. by   LuckyinKY
    Quote from MesaRN
    I would suggest checking to see what Med-Surg book you will be using. In my opinion the Potter and Petty book is not well written and even outright confusing at times. I strongly dislike that text. My school uses the "test banks" provided the textbook writers. This makes life extremely difficult for the student since the test is not necessarily out of lecture and ANYTHING in the book is free game, whether they talked about it or not. The questions are at times so off the wall it doesn't matter if you rewrote the book, you will still get them wrong. I am a 4.0 student even through nursing school and this book made my life very difficult. Our med surg book goes over the same information in a much more readable (and brief) format and has helped me greatly with the fundamentals class.
    This must be where some our wacky test questions are coming from. Occasionally they will use practice NCLEX style questions in lecture and the instructor can't even decide which is the correct answer. Her excuse? "The question came from a test bank." The last exam had some absolutely ridiculous scenarios and answer choices.
  10. by   dudette10
    Quote from MesaRN
    My school uses the "test banks" provided the textbook writers.
    As a side note, I do not like when instructors use test bank questions without modification. I have taken numerous online and CD "practice tests" to prepare for subject matter tests in nursing school, and I have found that the grading is absolutely wrong. Example: I was recently reviewing material for tests in gerontology, and when I took the online tests for the textbook, questions were marked wrong but the rationales given indicated that my answer was right.

    I'm not sure if the authors or the publishers make those practice tests. Authors would get them right. Publishers/editors often have English degrees, rather than subject matter degrees, so the margin for error on practice tests is high.