Seeking advice for Summer Externships - Houston, TX

  1. 0 Hello all!

    Could anyone describe to me the process for the Professional Student Nurse Externships? I have applied, and I am currently awaiting a response from the recruitment departments. I would love to hear from a recent graduate who participated in one of these programs during Summer 2010-2012.

    Specifically, St. Luke's TMC and MD Anderson.

    These are the questions I have:

    1. Approximately when are you contacted for an interview?
    2. Do you find out either way (accepted or not)?
    3. What is the average hourly pay? Is it based on which unit you are assigned?
    4. Are you assigned to your unit, or do you have a say (other than your application)?
    5. How did it help you as a new nurse?
    6. How long are your shifts as a PSNE?

    Thank you in advance for your responses!
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    Did you end up finding more info? I applied and I have similar questions..

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