Retaking chemistry for a better, transferable grade?

  1. A friend of mine took Chemistry 102 at a technical college, and made a D. She then retook it over the summer before transferring to the school she wanted to get in the BSN program at, and made a B.

    Her application says to attach all previous unofficial transcripts, which will show that she retook the class.

    She has all A's and B's in all her other science/non-science courses, and is in her final semester of prereq work before hopefully being admitted for the Jan. 2013 class.

    Do you think this will hurt her chances of being accepted? Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   zoe92
    I don't think so. Some schools average the 2 grades (so she would have a C) and some only look at the new improved grade. Look up the school's policy but make sure to turn in ALL transcripts otherwise the student could get in trouble.