Research proposal refugees mental health- HELP!

  1. I am an RN studying for post grad cert in mental. I havent worked in the field before but want to branch into it. I have a mental health promotion program assignment. I am interested in a program for refugees. I have no idea of what is out there for them but have a keen interest in the area as there seem to be not much if anything. I have googled but cant get anything. Any ideas where i can get such information or ideas how such a program can be structured? There is a lot on other population groups but i want to do this. How can they be helped given their background and experiences diversities?
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  3. by   liairis
    You might try contacting a public health nurse that works in a local public health office. They typically work closely with the refugee population, and at the very least they should be able to give you ideas on what it would take to set up this type of a program, and maybe provide you with some good resources.