Re-Doing 1st semester of nursing school

  1. Well, I am ALMOST finished with my first semester of nursing school and I am actually passing. I have a 79.5 average. That's just my test grade average! I failed fall 2012 by 0.5 points and I retook it this semester. I am glad and stress-free with my grades. Yes, it sucks to re-take BUT I am proud of myself. So anyone who thinks they are gonna fail don't be down! Think about all the POSITIVE things! I got a new class and they are awesome. I loved my old class and still keep in touch and they help me when I need it. Its awesome having a nursing family. I couldn't imagine my life without it!! Keep me in your prayers, I have 1 more test and a final! I am excited to finish to move on to new and exciting things coming fall 2013

    Just study hard & Pray hard are you will make it through!
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  3. by   andreajm
    Congratulations keep up the good work!!!