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Queen University ABSN Program 2013

  1. 0 Hey Everyone, My name is Jessica and I have been accepted in to the 2013 ABSN class at Queens University. I just wanted to start this topic to see if anyone else has been accepted. What are you all doing about funding, housing and working during the program. I can't wait to meet you all if I can get past the BIG financial aid hurdle.
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    Hey Jessica! Are you referring the Queens University in Charlotte, NC? If so I may have several answers to your questions. I am graduating from the ABSN program at Queens in 3 weeks!! HELL YES! So let me know!!
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    Hello Jessica,

    Sorry I can't give you any insight about those things, I am interested in applying to their program. What was your gpa like and your background?? Did you volunteer as a CNA or anything like that?? I want to know what my chances are of getting in. your help is appreciated!!
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    Hi i would like to know what was the academic schedule like do you get any vacations on 4th of july or Christmas