Pathophysiology Online

  1. I just found out one of my last prerequisites is Patho but the campus I attend has a second campus where it's being taught. It's very far from my house and in order to receive financial aid I have to remain registered at the same institution. The school does offer the course online but I am wondering how that would work with the required lab work. Has anyone taken or taught this course online and if so, how does it all come together?
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  3. by   a16sRN
    I didn't take patho online, but I took A&P online and had a virtual online lab portion that was one credit. I still got accepted into nursing school and didn't have trouble keeping up with everyone else. I think it'll be fine.
  4. by   Pre-nurseTiff
    I took pathophysiology online and we just had to meet up on the days of the lab in class.
  5. by   musicpirate
    My patho online didnt have a LAB. So it was rather easy because a lot of it is review of other classes.