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    What happens if you don't participate fully in your clinicals or you flunk out of clinicals but do extraordinary on tests and class/lab?
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    In my school, not participating in clinicals = absence. If you can't do something, or won't, or if you are late, unprepared, not fully in uniform, etc. you get marked absent for that day. We can have 2 absences per semester. If you miss more than that, you automatically fail the course, regardless of your exam scores.
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    You flunk.
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    Yup, you would fail then.
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    Yeah, that would equal a fail. We also could not be late or miss ANY clinicals. If you did, you were expected to make up the hours.
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    Outstanding performance in class will not make up for inadequate performance in clinical, or excessive absences from clinical, in any nursing program I've ever attended or taught in. A student in that situation would fail out of the program.
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