A nursing student's Thanksgiving diet

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    Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What will you be eating? Turkey? Macaroni and cheese?

    Share some of your past Thanksgiving dinner memories.

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    A can of Boost along with a new admit, given to me by my supervisor. That was the most anti climatic Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had.
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    I think ramen noodles would be a broke nursing student dinner...no offence to ramen lovers out there.lol some advice, go to church this thanksgiving, many churches donate free turkeys to needy...well at least mine does.
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    I LOVE....My Ramen Noodles... especially chicken....LOL
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    While I am a nursing student (age 43), thankfully I am not a poor nursing student Thanksgiving dinner...will be at my house but prepared by my Mom (68 but looks and acts as if she's MY age) with the traditional Thanksgiving foods as well as those my Italian family add to it (Thank you Mom!). I have the room in my house to accomodate my family, mom, my sister and her family as well as the people we have to dinner who have no family to have dinner with...while Mom has the SKILL and talent to cook said dinner

    I always 'help' my mom prepare dinner the evening before but this year she told me while she would allow me in the kitchen while she prepared dinner, I was not allowed to help. She wanted me to sit at the dining room table and study/do school work while she got dinner ready. Gosh, I love my mom!
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