Nursing school is stressful

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    Arrgggghhhhhh! Let it all out! Breath...

    We all know that nursing school can be stressful but it seems that some are coping more than others. What are your secrets?

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    You could add inappropriate/dark sense of humor to that list of S/sx, at least in my case.
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    Sleep! If you have a choice between an hour's extra studying and an hours sleep take the sleep every time. You need time to encode that information. Also on encoding write notes in your own hand. Throw the laptop for note taking out the window
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    That wouldn't just apply to students! Looks like me today after what's been a really rough week so far and still another day to go. Fortunately they were able to find someone to cover my shift today because I was totally not safe to be working.
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    I'm new to this site...i was looking for info on the nursing program and came across this forum. I think im going to find all the answers to my questions here I'm thinking about starting nursing program at ncc and i have NEVER taken any chem/bio I & II because i didnt do high school in USA. I came here as a transfer student and did my bachelors in hospitality mgmt. Now that i have to take all the pre reqs for nursing program, do i need to take chem/bio I & II to take human A & P? And i graduated in 04 and all my psych,eng & math courses are over 10 yrs old, do i need to retake everything?
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    Sashah- probably not the right forum for your questions to get the best/most responses, I would search the school in the search bar at the top.... And then find the best suited forum. Also- the school you are considering probably has all that info on their website. WELCOME TO ALL NURSES
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    i agree with tothepointelvn. if you try to cram before thetest and not sleep then you really aren’t learning anything and nursing examsare about critical thinking not memorization. i try to take a day off notstudying or working on projects. eat right and exercise (yes this is possible)and do something for yourself when you start feeling stressed. readingsomething other than a text book helps too. if i really start feeling the stress i get some cheesecake and pig out.
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    Balance! Easier said than done I know! I do think that if one gives up 2 hours of studying for a nice lunch with friends things will be OK. In fact, the stress relief that one gains from a break will probably help you do better on the test!

    Remember that there is likely going to be life after nursing school.
    After nursing school I can worry about the stupid pounds I packed on from "therapy chocolate" and "Exam wine". Right now I need the damn chocolate and wine to keep me sane, and that's perfectly OK!
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    Oh, and if you've not started nursing school yet, go with the larger sized uniform. You will appreciate this bit of advice come senior year!
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    @ Catzilla,

    I agree I gained 15 lbs in 1 year, and I thought Im not eating most of the (esp while reading my 8lbs book)

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