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Nursing Calculations

  1. 0 Math has not been one of my favorite subjects. I suppose if I were good at math I would beg to say that I would enjoy it. (Thankfully I have passed all my math classes) I have been lucky to have a wonderful tutor at school. He helped me with chemistry Calculations and conversions. I have always liked to get ahead by studying, or becoming acquainted with my future studies. What really makes me nervous is the calculations and conversions. I want to do good in nursing pharmacology class next semester and with the rest of my time in collage. Could someone please help me out with a good web site that has nursing calculations and conversions. I would greatly appreciate it. I try not to worry so much because I know if I study enough I will get through this. Has anyone felt as nervous as I have?
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    see the links posted on the following sticky. there are one or two medication calculation tutorials listed there:
    you might also find the links on this sticky helpful: