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    I will be starting my first semester of Nursing School in 2 days. Words can NOT explain how nervous I am, I have every bit of FAITH in myself but it is a small amount of doubt I'm having Within myself. ANY ADVICE ? What type of things should I know before entering? How do I balance? Just Any advice works for me.
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    Just be prepared to study like you have never studied before and to pretty much give up a social life for the time being. Find you a good group you get along with and try to lean on and help each other. I don't know what I would have done without my friends I made in nursing school! We studied so well together and each had our area we were good at to help out others.
    Good luck!
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    Be prepared and excited to learn. It is a lot of work but learn to balance school with other things you may need to do. Also accept the fact that oh may not hav a social life.