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    I'm looking for a website that has case studies with lab values. I'm in med-surg and will be doing my third care plan for this term. I'm going to be basing this care plan on a ficticious client (or a client I haven't actually assessed) and need a case study. I've tried searching for case studies online but can't really find anything with an admission diagnosis, and lab values.

    I'm not looking for a care plan, that I am more than capable of doing myself. I actually enjoy doing care plans, I'm just looking for a client.

    If you have any suggestions for a website, or can give me some information on a past client of yours (age, sex, BP at admission, pain level, O2 saturation, respiration, HR, lab values, past surgeries, religion, admission diagnosis) I would really appreciate it. For the lab values, all I need are the numbers. I will do the rationales and abnormal/normal myself.

    Thank you so much, in advance!!
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