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  1. 0 Hi! I applied to the nursing program for the first time unfortunately I was not accepted, however I am in the next 25 should someone choose not to attend I have a chance. I am pretty sure it was my 3.0 gpa that didn't help because my HESI score was a 90. So my question is what do I do now? What classes can I take besides Micro and Dosage calc. to help prepare me for next fall? Or what can I do to bring up my gpa?
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    Did you have any classes that you had C's in that you can retake? Can you get your EMT or CNA to boost your application? Are there other nursing schools in the area you could also apply to next time?
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    I agreed with Christine, try to bring that GPA up. Retake any C's. And becoming a CNA or EMT can help you stand out more. Would you be able to apply to any other schools?
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    No C's, and there are a couple of schools I can apply to, even an LPN course. I had all B's last semester, and this semester I am certain I will have at least 2 A's. Thanks for your replies! Oh, I have done the cna just never state certified.

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