my scrub pocket collection

  1. Is it illegal to accidentally bring home tape, gauze/bandages, or saline flushes?
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  3. by   Twinmom06
    I doubt it as when I tried to give back a few rolls of tape and a pile of alcohol swabs she told me to keep them for next week (currently only have clinicals once a week) if it was meds - yea that would probably be an issue...

    I came home with crap in my pocket yesterday - does that count?
  4. by   ashleyisawesome
    not unless you are intentionally taking massive amounts home for personal use... i accidentally come home with a lot of strange things, flushes, alcohol swabs, iv caps, tape, stickers, slipper socks, med cart keys (work), phone (work) among other things.. i usually just bring them back with me the next time i have clinical, unless its the phone or keys from work, in which case i get a call on my cell before i even get out of the parking lot..

    the unit im on now has a plastic container in the lounge that says "empty your pockets" above it to remind people of things they may have forgotten about. lol
  5. by   Pneumothorax
    i dont think so , and i dont think they care as long as its not narcs or meds.