Made it through pathophysiology and pharmacology! Made it through pathophysiology and pharmacology! | allnurses

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Made it through pathophysiology and pharmacology!

  1. 3 Thank god! It was so stressful but now its over! I get a break from school for a week and then I start back and begin med surg 1, is crazy how time flies It has been an amazing experience, hard but so fun too. I have met some great people and I LOVE clinical. I am in an accelerated program and graduate in December so I am almost half way there! My kids are missing me and my husband has had a few melt downs but other than that we are so far unscathed. Hang it there everyone, we will make it!
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    Great job!
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    Enjoy your break, you're almost there!!
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    Good for you! you should be proud! It will be over sooner than you think! Keep up the great work! I take those courses this fall!