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LVN/LPN Diploma

  1. 0 Hello all. I currently hold a bachelor's degree in Information Technology and I am now interested in a nursing career. I have ran into so many road blocks that I am starting to become defeated by the tedious task of finding the right school to attend. I live in California (bummer) and getting my pre reqs are depressing. The cc in my area has cut 100 classes due to the budget. I am trying to get into the nursing field as fast as I can as a registered nurse. I decided to get my LVN first (since there are no accelerated programs in my area) but the program that I am looking at is a diploma program. I am a bit skeptical about that because I want to further my career with a bsn degree. Would a diploma be enough to qualify for a bridge program? Does anyone know if the school that I would attend for my bsn look at the SCHOOL that I went to for my LVN or would they look at my LVN license instead? The school that I am attending for LVN is Santa Barbara Business College. I haven't signed up yet but I want to make a wise decision. Any thoughts??
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    Most lpn programs do bridge to RN school. Having your Lpn will give you a great foundation!