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  1. 0 I have finished my first semester of nursing school and I'm looking to get my foot in the door. I live in the state of New York and have heard that after one semester of clinicals I can apply to hospitals as a personal aide. I currently work as a home health aide but I want hospital experience. I want to see if anyone knew if this was true, or they had more info on the topic! Thanks!
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    I just finished my first semester too and I applied to several jobs in hospitals and nursing homes. Not a single call yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! My professor told me that hospital jobs are highly competitive and that you either need a friend inside the hospital to get u in or good references. She told me to put her down as a reference and that it would help me tremendously. Maybe you can find a professor that can be a reference for you? Good luck!
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    That's an awesome idea! Thanks! I'm lucky that my boyfriend's mother is a unit secretary at a hospital near by. She's been there for 20 years and I'm planning on using her as a reference...but I love your idea. Good luck to you!

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