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    I passed my CPE practical exam today on my first try!! Pulled 3 skills and nailed them all! Of the five exams I have in the next week and a half, this one is the biggest weight off of my shoulders. Practicals make me want to puke! Just wanted to do my happy dance with people who know why I'm so happy. Good luck to everyone on finals in the coming weeks!

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    Congratulations! Practicals make me very nervous, as well. I prefer a paper & pencil test any day. Glad it went well for you!
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    Hey I'm so glad you passed CPEs. I'm in intro and we have ours next week. Although my stuff is not as hard as yours but I know how you feel. I also have another friend in the program and she just passed hers. So exciting. After this ends I have to get my stuff ready for the application deadline and then its a waiting game.

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