Integrated science(path&pharm):what to expect

  1. 0 I just really want to know what to expect from integrated science which is a combo of patho and pharm. I start in a week and out of all the classes I'm taking this coming fall term, this course is what I fear the most because of how hard people say it is. If anyone can just give me a glimpse of what to expect and/or advice on how to tackel certain aspect of the course i would truly appreciate it!
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    The patho class that I took was a patho/pharm and it really was not that bad because each section all went together, like when we did the chapter on infections we learned about antiinflammatories like glycocorticoids. I found it very helpful to have them together because it gave you a bigger picture by tieing diseases and treatments together.
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    That makes me feel so much better to hear!I never thought about it that way, I just saw it as an overload since two subject are combined together

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