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    it is the real life, maybe we should say thanks !
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    I recall dozing off on a date ...and I never asked if I snored....Omg
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    Three minutes? Who has three minutes??? hahaha
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    This is the story of my life and I haven't even started yet!! I start in 24 days! eek!!!
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    Quote from mindy1982
    I recall dozing off on a date ...and I never asked if I snored....Omg
    I met my fiance while I was in nursing school.
    About our third date, I came over to his house for dinner and a movie.
    Of course, watching a movie meant doing school work at the same time .
    Anyway, I kept falling asleep while writing out my med sheet for Ditropan (I'll never forget this because of how many darn times I would wake up and try to finish!)...
    So, at one point, I fell asleep and there I was, in the hospital trying to stop my patient from getting in the elevator wearing only his hospital gown...
    I woke up yelling, "You need clothes on!"
    Of course, I jumped and was very very confused :uhoh21:.
    My fiance thought it was hilarious and for some time after that, he would feign jumping, make his eyes real wide and yell, "You need clothes on!".
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    lol Amen. My class is going NUTS right now as it is summer and we are doing both family health concepts and pharmacology. To those of you in BSN programs who have the summer off, ENJOY it!
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    This is very funny and so very true. People who are not nursing students do not understand. I've been enjoying the summer and now trying to get ready for this roller coaster that I will be riding constantly starting Aug. 20.:spin:
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    Oh man... Its all worth it!
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