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So much to learn with so little time - How is your dating life? Please share your comments below! About A Nursing Student Cartoon Series... Read More

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    Gosh that is so true.
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    man this is true and im only a pre-nursing student!
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    Sad day! I was hoping to enjoy a couple more months of "free time" while working on prereqs. Guess it will be worth it in the end
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    it is the real life, maybe we should say thanks !
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    I recall dozing off on a date ...and I never asked if I snored....Omg
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    Three minutes? Who has three minutes??? hahaha
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    This is the story of my life and I haven't even started yet!! I start in 24 days! eek!!!
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    Quote from mindy1982
    I recall dozing off on a date ...and I never asked if I snored....Omg
    I met my fiance while I was in nursing school.
    About our third date, I came over to his house for dinner and a movie.
    Of course, watching a movie meant doing school work at the same time .
    Anyway, I kept falling asleep while writing out my med sheet for Ditropan (I'll never forget this because of how many darn times I would wake up and try to finish!)...
    So, at one point, I fell asleep and there I was, in the hospital trying to stop my patient from getting in the elevator wearing only his hospital gown...
    I woke up yelling, "You need clothes on!"
    Of course, I jumped and was very very confused :uhoh21:.
    My fiance thought it was hilarious and for some time after that, he would feign jumping, make his eyes real wide and yell, "You need clothes on!".
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