I'm almost done!!!

  1. I took my med-surge 2 final on Thursday and start preceptoring on Monday! I have 1 final left for our leadership class, but that is a cake walk compared to the other classes we've had! Just over 5 weeks and I'm done!
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    Congrats! I'm jealous lol
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    I am currently a pre-nursing student at Brenau and I have been wanting to connect with someone that has been through the program. I have looked on other posts but they are all those hoping to start the program or if they are near the end, they drop out of the threads. So did you graduate? Did you pass NCLEX? What was the program like? I am going to open house tomorrow for nursing. I have 6 more pre-reqs to do, then I can be considered for either 2015 or 2016 PT program, which starts in January of each year. It would be great to have the insight of someone who actually went through the program.