I just discovered Azuza Pacific University and Jacksonville amongst others

  1. I was looking into RN-BSN programs just to be ready because when I become an RN (graduate May 2010 doing LVN-RN now) I want to know what classes to take next. After a little research on here I discovered a couple of new colleges.

    One was Jacksonville, (I really like their website) which is cheaper than University of Phoenix. I don't care for UoP at all. I liked the set up of Jacksonville. Their classes are only 8 weeks in length. When did they start up?

    I also discovered that OSU no longer offers the RN-BSN option. They go thru the Sharp hospitals here in San Diego for clinicals. They just have the accelerated 2nd degree BSN now. oh well no loss because I heard they were extremely expensive.

    There wasn't any information on Indiana State website so I had no idea what the cost was or what the pre-req's would be.

    But I really like Azuza Pacific University and they have a campus here in San Diego in Mission Valley. I was so surprised. When did they start here? And they have an accelerated BSN program too. What I like about the program is that Statistics is not required and no organic Chem. They lay out the total cost right on the website which is nice. And the program of just the nursing courses takes 15 months which isn't too long. I might opt for them.

    Anyone applying to Azuza? Anyone already going that can tell about it? I hear the rep is good. It's accredited by WASC so that got my attention. The RN-BSN is 100% online. Thanks for your replies. :heartbeat
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