I finally made it!!!

  1. 3 Today was my graduation!!! I'm so happy to finally be at the finish line. If I can do it with 4 children, anyone can! Thanks for all your support along the way!! Peace
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    Congratulations on finishing you RN!!!! What an amazing accomplishment, especially doing it with 4 kids. I have a teenager and I'm thankful he's almost old enough to drive...LOL

    Best of luck to you as you venture out into job market. Go get 'em!
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    Congrats I have 5 children and I hope to be in your shoes in 2 years
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    Congrats! What an accomplishment.
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    Happy for Ya!
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    Congratulations on your accomplishment.
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    Congrats!!! I cant wait til my time.
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    Thanks! I'm so proud of myself I can't stop grinning
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    what school did you go to and congrats!!

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