I did it!

  1. I completed my first year of nursing school! I received a 95% on my medsurg final and a 96% on our simulation final today! I have to come here to talk about how proud I am of myself because besides my family I cannot tell anyone because they get jealous and its even worse if the people who failed find out. I am just so happy, I worked my butt off for the past year, and gave up so much in order to do well
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  3. by   cnoto34
  4. by   JaRoJoCT
    Congrats! Go out and celebrate! You've made an amazing accomplishment....you've earn it......and you should be proud!
  5. by   britthohenbrink
    I agree, go out and celebrate!!! People may be jealous of your accomplishments but that is no reason for you not to enjoy them.
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  6. by   gonnaB37nursedoc
    Congrats to you! I hope i get a chance to come here and brag as well! Hopefully soon.