i cant belive this is my last semester!

  1. this is my last semester in my 2 year ADN program! I cant believe it. I remember how nervous i was going in to this and how much time, effort, and commitment has already been put into this. I cant wait until I graduate and get my life back. I will be going for my BSN but i heard it wasnt as stressful since all the skills are in the ADN program! Now just on the search for a job will be hard in itself! Whether you are just starting out, or in your last semester too, its not impossible you can do it too!
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  3. by   Jrwilliams
    I start my last semester on the 14th! I am so ready to be finished with this!!! It is so tolling and exhausting but looking back, the other semesters seemed to fly by and I love what I am working so hard to be but really hope this semester flies by so I can move my stress to NCLEX and job searching. Congrats and good luck!
  4. by   Spanglaz
    Im graduating in april of this year, i feel you on getting your life back...i just cant wait to pass my nclex and start working, earning some$$$!!!! Being able to start living a normal life with no more careplans hahaha!!!