I am lost.

  1. The amount of information I have to learn is driving me insane.

    I have:
    Clinical rotation on Tuesday 12hrs
    medsurg exam this Wed(2/27)
    pharmacology exam on Friday(3/1)
    a medsurg final on Monday(3/4)

    there is so much information.

    We use lewis medsurg

    help... with anything

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  3. by   obloom14
    Prioritize and use time management well. Make a schedule of when you're going to study what and stick to it. Good luck.
  4. by   Scarlo
    I agree with Obloom. Prioritize and focus. Make a schedule ahead of time and stay with it. Whatever you do, don't fall behind.
  5. by   twopurpleskittles
    Keep your eyes on the prize! Stay on top of it. You can do it!!!
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    Judging by what I've seen of your thought processes here, you're far from lost. Keep thinking about the "Why do we care about...?" for each piece of information, and you'll do well.