How's the communication on your floor?

  1. Looking for ways to boost the communication on our floor between nurses, physicians, PT, wound management, CNAs, etc. Any input welcome!
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  3. by   redtshirt
    Im on rotation between a good few wards, things i have seen work well: a rounds book on a very busy surgical ward so the team ask for a nurse and rounds book before rounds no communication/misinterpretation errors there. Introductions are valuable- saves time bleeping someone when theyre ten foot away. Team nursing and a report in the middle of the day so your not clueless about ms x in bed 3 when your looking after beds 6-14. White board by the nursing station saying what nurse is in charge of what ward for the day saves countless stupid questions. And everyone should have a visible name tag on them
    Things that dont work: ignorence, talking down to people, doing everything yourself then going mad because noone helps you, poor communication, lack of social skills.