How to apply to nursing externships?

  1. So I am in my third semester of a 2 year program. I am looking for nurse externships in the southeast Michigan area, I live downriver right outside of Detroit. Where do I apply? I've contacted a nurse recruiter at Oakwood with no reply back. U of Ms posting are closed and so are the postings at St. Johns Providence. St. Joseph's in Ypsilanti only accepts BSN nursing students.
    I'd like to apply to Henry Ford, Oakwood, Botsford, Beaumont, Garden City, DMC are there any others that I'm missing? Ideally I'd really like to extern at Henry Ford Hospital. I've searched for postings for nurse extern positions without luck, all I find is information on their programs with no way to actually apply. Is it too late to apply? Or too early? Can anyone help with giving me links to apply to nurse extern positions?
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  3. by   Nursestudent14
    A lot of nurse externships are only offered to four year students who are entering their final year. I believe there are only some opportunities for two year students but usually you have to have your foot in the door for the hospital andante to work there for x number of years.