How many clinicals do you have per week?

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    I'm in my second semester of nursing school and I was just wondering how many clinical hours most nursing schools have. I'm getting one clinical a week for 12 hours, and then 2 days of surgery this semester. We then have 3 hours of lab where we learn skills. This doesn't seem like that much to me and I know I'm only in my second semester but I feel like we haven't learned that much practical stuff yet. Does this sound unusual?

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    That sounds pretty normal to me. I know next semester (my third) in Med/Surg, we have 2 - 12's a week. And I believe that also applies to my 4th (and last) semester which is Advanced Med/Surg. It looks like both those semesters we will be in lecture 2 days a week.
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    We have a total of around 192 clinical hours for the semester. I'm in Level 2 which is Med/Surg and we have clinical two days a week. Wed from 0615 - 1415 and Thursday from 1230-2000.

    During my LVN program we had a similar number of hours but split up differently, usually equaling around 16 - 20 hours per week.

    You will be amazed at how much you learn during your second semester.
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    4 semesters and currently 1 clinical per week, 3rd year is 2 per week and 4th year is 3 per week i don't live in the u.s so its different where i'm at.
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    We have about 145 hours of clinical per semester, plus another 30 or so prepping in the lab.
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    I'm only in my first semester, but we have 8 hours a week of clinical and 6 hours a week in the lab learning skills. 2nd semester we have OB 16 hours a week (two 8 hour days) for 7 weeks, and then med/surg for 7 weeks (two 8 hour days as well)
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    I'm on my last term of the nursing program in Central Florida... all I got was one clinical day per week (8-12 hours) throughout the program. Every school is different as they need to abide and meet the minimum of hours required by their State Board of Nursing.

    Hope this helps!
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    In my first semester, we got 1 - 8 hour day a week for 9 weeks. Doesn't seem like near enough, but I guess being the first semester, they were just getting our feet wet It then increases each semester, so hopefully by the end I will feel prepared!
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    16 hours a week for 15 weeks each semester.
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    Wow guys. My only clinical day is Thursdays 7:30am-12:30pm. And that's it. Granted, throughout the semester we have a few clinical rotations where we observe like STD clinic, radiology, dialysis, etc. but I'm only in my second semester in a two year program.

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