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I'm in my second semester of nursing school and I was just wondering how many clinical hours most nursing schools have. I'm getting one clinical a week for 12 hours, and then 2 days of surgery this semester. We then have 3 hours... Read More

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    We have clinical twice a week starting the second week of school. It was like that my first semester too. I was shocked at how fast they had us out there interacting with real patients! I love going to clinical because it lets me experience what we've been taught in labs and lecture In two weeks I get to start my OB rotation and I'm super excited!

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    First semester - 1 clinical for 6 hours. Next semester, 2 8 hour clinicals. Then we have to 12s.
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    First semester we had 5 (I think) 10 hr clinicals at a LTC facility, plus many lab days. It was not unusual to be on campus for class and labs 4 days a week, plus our clinical assignment.

    This semester, 2nd, we have class 2 days a week and labs 2 days a week for the month of January. Starting in Feb. our labs are completed except for the occasional simulation labs. Our clinicals, med/surg and OB/peds, will replace our labs. Some weeks we will have class twice and 2 clinicals in the same week.

    One problem with our clinicals is the distance driven for some. I have an assignment in April that is in a clinic that is over an hour from my home. This is not unusual for our program. We had a student last semester that was required to drive almost 1 1/2 hrs to get to her clinicals.
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    We are in first semester first 3 weeks skills lab once a week, then clinical once a week
    8am - 2pm
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    In my BSN program (back when Florence and I were classmates) we had clinical from 0700-1400 three days a week (Tues, Weds, Thurs) for sophomore, junior, and senior years. Add in the rest of all the academic stuff and we had very, very full weeks. (On Mondays I was in class from 0800 to 2200 with an hour off in the middle of the day; on Thursdays I had classes after clinical from 1600-2000). We didn't take all our science classes and distribution requirements before we started nursing, either. It was a full four year program. You wussies.
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    I'm in a 4 year program and last semester I had OB clinicals from 0700-1530 (one day) and mental health clinicals for 8 weeks from 1300-2000 (one day) and switched to a community site from 0800-1100. Now for medsurg, I'm there one day a week from 0700-1530 again with prep work the night before.
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    Quote from EmileeBlackburn
    Wow guys. My only clinical day is Thursdays 7:30am-12:30pm. And that's it. Granted, throughout the semester we have a few clinical rotations where we observe like STD clinic, radiology, dialysis, etc. but I'm only in my second semester in a two year program.
    My second semester of my BSN program was exactly like that. We had clinical one day per week from 7 a.m. to 12:50 p.m., but we didn't have observation days until this semester. Our clinicals now are 7 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. twice per week.

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