Help with PSB test for LPNs

  1. I got my results back from the PSB. I scored 80-99% in all areas but one. The "judgement and comprehension in practical nursing situations" I scored a 37%! Ouch! I thought those questions were easy. They basically ask what you would do to respond in certain situations, and I picked the answers I thought made the most sense. Maybe my answers were "too nice"? I'm re-taking the test in 30 days to improve that area, and would like anyone's input on how to answer these types of questions. Thanks!
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  3. by   LuckyLadybug
    I did the same thing I got a 71 on that one. I took the test again I was told if there was a supervisor listed in the answer to go for that one I thought I was doing better but I got the same score 71 again.