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  1. Hello I am a first semester nursing student and I am so stuck on this care plan I have to do today. I usually can do the care plan but am flip flopping with my Nursing Dx and R/t. I had a patient that just had a colostomy done. She has an ostomy bag. Her labs show that she is also anemic. WBC-11.9, RBC-2.38, Hgb-8.3 Hct-24.6 MCV-104,MCH-34.8. I was going to use Impaired Tissue Integrity. Then I thought it would be better to use Risk for Impaired skin integrity R/t: Irritation from bowl section...but cant think of the AEB, UGH..then I thought I should use something for the for infection due to trauma to tissue Risk factors: Mid-line incision, stoma................HELP!


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  3. by   khotso mayelane
    the specific nursing diagnosis that you can come up with include the following high risk for infection rltd to surgical incision and that of impaired skin intergrity ,altered body image rltd to presence of the stoma ,altered individual coping and final knowldge deficit rltd to home care /disease process and treatment modelities