Have questions about required ICU experience for CRNA school!

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    I am a nursing student in upstate NY and I am considering going the CRNA route. I understand you need a minimum of 2 years of ICU experience to apply to most programs. This is where my dilemma begins. I may have a job in an ICU of a small 20 bed unit in a local hospital. I may also have a job at a large well known teaching hospital, but not in the ICU. I would start in a med surg floor and have to wait and apply to the ICU as positions open. This could take a couple years if not longer. I know CRNA programs are extremely competitive and working at a well known hospital could give me an edge.
    The question is should I accept an immediate ICU position at a small unknown hospital or wait 2-3 years and get in at a a large teaching hospital? Any insights would be most helpful!
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    realistically an ICU is still an ICU. most ICUs arent huge, the larger hospitals may have multiple ICUs or more specialized ICU Units. I would suggest talking to the CRNA school you want to go to to get a definitive answer.

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