Good sources for case studies practice

  1. Hi,
    My college offers practice HESI case studies from the evolve site and I was wondering if any of you know of any other sources or sites that I could use as a source to practice other case studies?
    If you can provide any advice or insight, it'd be really appreciated.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   rowdysmomma
    Lippincott has good ones. I use them and evolve
  4. by   mcave
    Thank you. I do have the Fundamentals Lippincott review book and the questions seem really easy and the Potter and Perry questions on evolve are not too hard either. I've been doing extremely well on the standard n-clex style questions but when it comes to the HESI Case studies, my class hasn't cover most of the material on it yet. So I don't do nearly as well as I should. (such as how the med admin ch didn't mention anything about loading effects, have health assessment,cover specific medical devices, etc) However, after 1st semester junior yr, I think I should have enough knowledge to do better.