Gerontological certification exam

  1. 0 Am registered to sit for the Gerontology certification exam in early Aug - just wondering if anyone out there has taken it & if they have any good pointers / advice for me prior ??? I have the ANCC review manual & another by Wallce & Grossman - anything would be appreciated !!! Thanks
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    You may want to go up to the speciality tab at the top and post in the geriatrics section. I hold a certificate but took it through at my university at the same time I was obtaining my BSN. What are you planning to do with the cert?
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    Thanks I did post it there I'm not quite sure where I am going to go with it -- right now I work on a med surg floor and a significant percentage of the population we have are the older adults, I really enjoy caring for them and with the population aging & baby boomers peaking I thought it was a good direction to take

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