First week of classes is almost over!

  1. 0 No classes on Thursdays, so I finally got a minute to post! This term, I have Fundamentals of Nursing, A&P, Dosages & Nutrition.
    I'm excited and scared all at once!
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    I don't start for another few weeks. Please tell us all about it!
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    I dont start for another few weeks as well! Please inform us on how its like and what to expect!!
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    Its been a slow start, this school doesn't seem to be very organized at all! We did manage to get through 3 chapters in A&P. It was basic science, body systems, basic chemistry and now we are learning about cells. We have our 1st quiz on Weds. Fund. of Nursing, seems like it will be very east, a ton of reading! This class is where you learn all your skills and have to perform them in the classroom. I have Dosages and Nutrition tomorrow. I got scared looking at the dosages book, but I was told that it really isn't THAT bad. I'm hoping!
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    Well good luck and please keep us posted!

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