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final semester

  1. 0 I have arrived @ my final semester of LPN/LVN school....I've already applied for the mobility program to re-enter into the RN program. My classes this semester are: Role transition for the PN, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, and Adult/Child Nursing...I am super excited and super tired at the same time....We've lost a lot of students since the first semester, and as much as I hate it for them, I don't believe that they were called by God to be nurses for now....anyway, I'm excited about my psych clinicals especially, I have worked with people with MI/MR before and I'm excited to get the opportunity to work in the field again....If any new nursing students need any help or advice just drop a line....Lord knows I was on here needing help several times......
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    Yay! Good luck on your final semester.
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    thanks.....gonna make it now I think !!!