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Failed clinicals 2 weeks before finishing the RN program

  1. 0 I found out today that I failed my RN clinicals, two weeks before the end of the program.

    I have a problem with anxiety and tend to freeze up when I'm put on the spot by my clinical instructor. Because of this, I missed "air in a line" and had a medication safety issue this semester. No patients were harmed but but my actions were enough for my instructor to question my skills and give me a failing clinical grade.

    This means that I will be reapplying to the nursing program and will need to repeat the entire semester, including advanced med/surge! I'm just sick, I feel like such a failure and the only one not going on for her preceptorship. Did I mention that I am 49-years-old and already feeling like an odd ball in the class?

    One thing that I know is the God had a plan for my life which means taking a little longer to reach my dream. I'm never giving up - ever!

    Has anyone been in this situation? I could sure use some encouragement right now.

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    that is such a misfortune that must be very stressful, i already feel like my recent stresses are nothing compared to yours. i hope you the best and wish you to make a decision that is best for you
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    I know if feels like the end of the world. But repeating may end up being a good thing and helping your confidence. If this is your dream no matter your age then go for it.
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    I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you, very unfortunate. Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP! You will get through it next time, in fact, you will be more confident and all the better for it in the end. This set back will make you stronger and a better nurse. Have confidence in yourself!
    Good luck and many blessings.
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    You can do this! If you've made it this far, there is NO reason you can't do this! Sometimes doing something again helps you figure out how to do it best. Take it as a learning experience, and you'll do this.

    Good luck!
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    Please dont give up!! This must be so hard, but you WILL get through this.
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    Don't give up! Try again and you will succeed.
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    Yep, I definitely know the feel of devastation!!! Failed my first ever nursing exam on August 7th. Took me 3 months to admit it! That exam was equivalent to a 4-month nursing course that I was trying to test out of. And I've been in the field for 27 years! I could have retaken the exam by now but fear kept me from it. The course-equivalent starts in January. I'm already registered for a seat in the class. But I plan to gather the guts from somewhere to retake the exam again before January as another attempt to test out of the class. At our ages, the only thing that will stop us is ourselves. Nursing is ever-changing and we have to be able to roll with the punches. You can do this!!
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    Oh my Lord, I am so sorry. I hope I never have to go through that, I feel horrible for you. And about being older, I am 50 and just finishing 1st semester, so I get that whole oddball feeling! I am fortunate that my cohort, while ALL are younger than I am, are still great about making me feel a part of the "group". I'm so proud of them for doing this before I got around to it! Wish you all the best, don't give up!
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    Oh no....I am SO sorry. That's a terrible feeling, I know. To be so close!

    As much as it's going to stink, you're so close!!! Cross that finish line next semester.
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    I didn't fail.....but was so stressed in nursing clinicals I dropped out in the middle of my third a terrible job in a bank mortgage department and was fired from that! Luckily was re admitted back into the next third semester rotation and things started clicked....I was still scared but finished my degree and after only about 10 years (kind of joking) stopped being so scared.

    I have done the too much air thing also!
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    Look on the bright side: you CAN retake it. So, its just more time.

    I am curious, though. Do you generally have to pay again if you fail a class and retake it?