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    Best drug book? Any other must have books or apps?
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    I love the Micromedix app on iPhone! It's really fast and when I'm on the floor I can pull up stats I need to know quickly. I use it constantly.
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    I love the epocrates app! Free, too!
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    I use Davis Drug Guide at home and Micromedex on my ipad at the hospital. Both are definitely useful!
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    I use Micromedex as well!
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    Do you pay $9.99 per year for micromedix?
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    It was free when I downloaded it.
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    Thanks so much!
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    Just downloaded the app. Wish I had this puppy yesterday for clinicals! But I'll be ready next week no more fumbling through drug book for me!
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    I downloaded micromedex for free but then it told me I had to pay $9.99 per year to open it ):