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    Hey guys!

    I just got accepted to the ACE BSN program at Drexel has anyone been in the program? How did you like it? Is their system good for the student?


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    Hey I am in the program now. I am in the beginning of my 4th quarter and I love it. It's hard and fast paced but if you keep focused it is definitely doable. You do need to be a good student and test taker to make through. There is tons of info on the program on this site if you search around.
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    congratulations - it's a very competitive program to get into! I have heard from a few friends that it's very, very challenging and that they rely a ton on standardized tests in order for you to progress in the program. I would get well acquainted with one of the test-taking success type books now
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    When do you start!? I don't start until Spring 2014! But I still gave a few more pre reqs to finish up!

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