Does anyone know if I can sit for the LPN exam in IL?

  1. 0 Does anyone know if I can sit for the LPN exam in IL? I am in a BSN program and have one year left in it. I am also a CNA and have been working as a specialty care tech in an ED for over 2 years.

    Please help!
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    The answer to that will be easily obtained if you call the IL Board of Nursing. Most states did away with being able to sit the LPN exam when partway through a BSN program years ago, but I have no idea whether IL did or not.
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    I know in Florida we can't. You are being trained as an RN, not to practice in the scope of LPN. I'd be nice to get some work experience as an LPN as many of my transitional (bridge program) classmates have. Have to check with your state board tho.
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    Thanks guys! I called and they told me I could sit for it only if my school offers LPN. Which it doesn't. So I guess I can't :/ oh well!

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