Dixon School of nursing

  1. good afternoon,
    does anyone attend abington, PA school...Dixon School of Nurisng?

    i'm considering applying and would like to hear some feedback.

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  3. by   GWENLYN18
    I've heard it's a very good school, hard to get into, but very good. It's at Abington Hospital and Abington is a very tech. advanced. If you go their you'd really learn a lot. Good Luck
  4. by   rn2be2006

    I am currently in Abington's Evening/Weekend Program. Feel free to send me a private email and I will answer any questions you have.

  5. by   SLTP2199
    I am also and E/W student at Abington. Feel free to ask any questions, I am however only in my first semester so what I can answer is probably a bit limited but I will help with what I can!!!